iconVoIP Services

Go beyond your office. How?

VoIP can save as much as 50% off your traditional phone service.

icon The lines of communication are open

Already using this? Telesis IT is able to provide support for and integrate with your already established VoIP solution to give you the most out of the functionality you need to boost communcations between your employees and your customers or clients.

Time is money – but not with VoIP.
With VoIP, utilize your current network infrastructure to maximize use
of your existing bandwidth.

Expand to new locations. Add new employees.
All without enlarging your phone system. How cost-effective is that?

Your phone goes anywhere you do. Set up a
mobile office, work at home, or take it on vacation.

Just plug into a network and never miss a call.

Telesis IT makes VoIP plug and play.
We ensure clients have enough bandwidth to support VoIP and install all the software so that business phones have all the flexibility you demand.